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Jon Hansen has been working one-on-one with animals since 2009 when he got his first dog, A Golden Retriever, named Jack.  Working with Jack everyday and researching different training techniques helped him and Jack develop a great relationship and understanding of each other. Jon's obsession for working with dogs grew into a love of understanding dog body language and their different communication styles and ultimately started the journey to where MCC is today. Jon's unique ability to work with dogs effectively as well as educate their owners on those communication styles has been in his everyday living since.  Even though Jack has crossed the rainbow bridge, Jon's fearless co-pilot Rip, has taken the torch of carrying on the duties of faithful friend and makes sure everyone is towing the line.  From the gentle personality of Jack,  to the bold and strong willed personality of Rip, Jon has mastered his techniques in training to provide positive outcomes for any personality style of dog. Built from the love and devotion of Jack and Rip and all the other dogs in between, Jon strives to provide the best quality care to his dog clients and their humans.




Jon Hansen and his faithful friend Rip. Rip oversees the everyday that's going on at MCC. Rip keeps everyone in line, including Jon! 

"It is so rewarding to be doing what I love and helping other families along the way. "              Jon Hansen



You can find us at our new location:
210 S. 3rd St. New Ulm, MN 56073

 Our Happy Family

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